First Foundation NFT: Elon Of Michelangelo

During a collaboration with Indiependency in April 2021 the NFT artwork, "Elon Of Michelangelo" was born.

Here you can take a look at the NFT on Foundation and place bids if you like the artwork:

David by Michelangelo with Elon Musks head smoking a joint wearing a shiba Token Necklace
Elon Of Michelangelo


Elon Of Michelangelo (SHIBA INU VANDALIZED) was born from a collaboration between Niclas Dreier and Indiependency.

The scene of this statue takes place at the home of Elon Musk. Someone has entered and left their mark on the statue. They have placed a Shiba Inu chain around the neck of Elon Of Michelangelo to show the entire world that the upcoming SHIBA SWAP will kill all the DOGE hype and take over!

The winner gets a download link for the high res image + GIFT.

More Information

Time Needed: 16 Hours over the course of 4 days

Sculpting Programm: Pixologic ZBrush

Rendering Program: Luxion KeyShot

Compositing: Adobe Photoshop

NFT Resolution: 3840x5434

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